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Vine Arora during 14 days quarantine after getting tested covid19 positive

vine arora
vine arora

Famous singer, producer, composer Vine Arora was tested positive for Covid19 few weeks back. However, after the 14 days test, he tested negative. After 14 days of quarantine he finally able to defeat covid19 and now living a normal life. However, he is very sensitive towards society and tries to maintain all the SOPs provided by doctors and the government. The Singer is very active on social media and has a good fan following. In his social media account, he always advises people about the danger of covid and motivates people to fight against it. Here, we will discuss his great effort towards stopping the spread of the pandemic and fighting against it.

What he has done in this 14 days quarantine –

Vine Arora had mild symptoms and was advised to cure them at home. However, he was in consultation with Doctor till the result got negative. Let us see what he had done in these 14 days of quarantine –

Diet according to doctor’s advice

First, thing one should keep in mind, whenever anyone gets positive he must not panic. Handle the situation according to your consultant doctor. Vine Arora has taken all the suggested medicines and diet according to the physician’s advice. Maintaining a good diet in problem is a great work supplement to your body. So diet and medicine timetable should be maintained well.

Analysis of the past

Whenever you rest for such a long time without going out, the main problem occurs with the utilization of time. Time should be utilized properly and beneficially. In this quarantine, he analyzed all his past failures and success. This analysis of the past could be a great source to get future success. In this Mr. Arora analyzed all the previous mistakes and how to not repeat all those in the coming future. Many people say that we should forget our past with time and plan for the future. But, perfect planning for the future could only be attained from past experiences.

Regular exercise and Yoga

Physical exercises are always good for human health. It doesn’t mean whether it has any connection with covid or not. Exercise could be the best way to reduce mental stress and physical issues. Good health could be achieved from physical work. We had observed many people got overweight during lockdown because of no physical work. But Mr. Arora chooses this lockdown to take care of his health by doing exercises. We know, one thing which matters most is your immunity. Vine Arora is very curious about his health and tries to follow all those ways which could be helpful in the cure of covid19. He did exercises and yoga daily as suggestions from the experts and information available on different sites. He tried all the possible ways by which the coronavirus could be defeated.

Future planning

When you are covid positive then the first thing is that you can’t go out. When you are not allowed to get socialize and not allowed to go out then you have two ways. The first way is that you can just pass the time in tension and without any productive ideas and the second way is to utilize it perfectly in making some good plans. Mr. Vine Arora chooses the second way to utilize it. He makes some good plans for the future. When the days ease he will act upon it to acquire more love and productivity in society. You can analyze everything and plan for your future. When the internet and laptops are in every hand you do not need to go out for this.

You can call your friends and colleagues for the discussion of your future and plan according to them. You can get knowledge of your assets and plan for their investment. However, Mr. Arora is a well-known producer and a producer could utilize the free time by making different plans regarding the production. There are a lot of good days are coming soon and he is highly determined to work according to his plan for the betterment of the future.

Article Writing

Social media and digital media is a great place to interact with a huge number of people in a short time. Article writing could be the best way to express your views and opinions among the people. He uses to write an article in his quarantine about the different social and covid problems faced by the people. He also tries to give all possible solutions by giving valuable advice to the people. Article writing is also one of the best ways to interact with people indirectly. In this, you interact with the people with your views and thoughts.

Social work

When you are determined about your contribution to social work and you have resources then it is not necessary that you have to go out. In this quarantine era, he was able to distribute more than 10,000 masks in the slum areas which is a tremendous work. With the help of volunteers and friends, Mr. Vine Arora was able to distribute these masks among the poor and needy people. This also makes great awareness among the people. Apart from this, Vine Arora distributed thousands of Vitamin C tablets in the slum areas. As declared by doctors, Vitamin C could be a great way to increase human immunity. So he decided to distribute these tablets among the poor for better immunity which is again a great noble work by this kind-hearted person. These are things that could only save anyone from this virus.

When we look around society we can easily observe a lot of people who don’t have the income to fulfill both ends. But, by the effort of some great personality, this could be removed at least up to coming normal days. So social work could be another milestone of Vine Arora and this could also make awareness among people who don’t care about these poor people. Many people get motivated to do such type of work for the slum areas.

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