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ST. George – The basketball court at Bernice Arena and the football stadium at the Great Zion Stadium have new logos and symbols.

Sherry Ruesch, Assistant Vice President of Faculty Management at Utah Tech University, in her office on campus, St. George, Utah, July 8, 2022 | Photo by E. George Gold, St. George News

Meanwhile, rebuilding and rebuilding other facilities at Utah Tech University during the summer will continue on campus.

Assistant Vice President Sherry Rush has worked in facility management for the past 26 years. The university has experienced four name changes and three secret changes.

In her office on campus on Friday afternoon, Rush told St. George News: “These have all been there since I was here.

The name of the school went from Dixie College to Dixie State College of Utah to Dixie State University and now to Utah Tech University.

Along the way, the athletic mask has been changed from Rebel to Red Wave and then to the current Trailblazers logo buffalo.

“I think someone is sticking around,” Rush said. “It’s very popular. It suits us. ”

Rush’s attitude toward name changes is based on her resource management experience.

“Everyone outside the university sees this big thing,” she said.

Rush describes herself as a “capable” person, never thinking, “Oh, there’s no way to do it.”

In other words, for facility management, the name change represents another project.

“We know that a signal change bid must be submitted and we will use local contractors to do all the work,” Rush said. “But changing the name is not a big deal to the point. It may be expensive but they are all very achievable in the sense of a construction project.”

She added that the nature of the work is not complicated.

“The fact that the correct markings and the new markings do not really affect the architecture or structure of the building,” says Rush.

The basketball floor of the Burns Arena is packed with sand and emblazoned with the Utah Tech logo in the middle of the field.

A man-made photo showing the new logos and symbols on the football field at St. George’s Stadium, St. George, Utah, July 8, 2022 | Photo by E. George Gold, St. George News

Similarly, the Utah Tech logo is now painted in the middle of the football field at the Great Zion Stadium and the final zones.

Both stadiums have logos representing the Western Athletics Council.

Walking around Burns Arena and Concor, it is clear that not all of the symbols of the Dixie era have been replaced by Utah Tech logos. Rush says this is consistent with most campus buildings.

“If you go to all the buildings, you will find places where the name has not changed, you have not reached it yet,” she told me. We still have a little winter.

As re-branding continues, expectations for September 10 will increase. Utah Tech will open its home football program with Chadron, and the construction of a new press box at Zion’s Great Stadium is expected to be completed, according to Rush.

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