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Is Facebook for the elderly? If you have a teenager around the house, you’ve probably heard them talk a lot. of Read more This week’s story is based on a Pew study that suggests this generation of teenagers has abandoned the platform in favor of Instagram/YouTube/TikTok/etc. In the year In 2014, 71% of young people use Facebook, the study predicts that this number will drop to 32% by 2022.

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Mark Cuban sued for promoting crypto platform“A group of Voyager Digital customers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Cuba in Florida federal court,” Anita wrote. 3.5 million investors collectively lost $5 billion.

Worrying trend of resignation: While tech layoffs may be showing signs of slowing down, Natasha M points out a worrying trend: Some companies are announcing layoffs just to announce them. other A round of layoffs weeks or months later.

SpaceX launched South Korea’s first lunar missionSouth Korea has launched its first lunar mission – a Lunar Orbiter “shot aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket” before it plans to land sometime in the 2030s.

Twilio is hackedWhile it’s unclear exactly what data was taken, at least 125 of Twilio’s customers’ data was accessed after some employees were tricked into “handing over their corporate login credentials” in a serious SMS phishing attack.

Amazon’s amazing new show: Think “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” but with user-submitted footage from Ring security cameras. Nowadays, most people realize that their every move is being recorded by a security camera or three – but they don’t accept it as entertainment™.

House hits hard times.Haus, a direct-to-consumer specialty low-alcohol beverage company, is seeking a buyer after a major investor pulled out of a Series A round. Investor due diligence for a liquor company can take months, and Haus “doesn’t currently have the cash to fund ongoing operations.”

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How clean is the air you breathe every day? Aclima founder Davida Herzl wants everyone to be able to answer that question, and she sat down with Jordan and Darrell on this week’s Found podcast to explain her mission. Meanwhile, on Chain Reaction, Jacqueline and Anita discuss the US government’s crackdown on cryptocurrency aggregator Tornado Cash, and equity workers spent Wednesday’s show as the turbulent market conditions of late mean we’ll see few early stage efforts in the coming months.

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Building an MVP when you can’t codeGot a great idea but can’t code? You can still spin the ball. Magnus Grimeland, founder of early stage VC firm Antler, lays out some key principles to keep in mind.

SaaS reviews are you setting up a recovery?“The days of software startup founders when the good news kept piling up on them may now be behind us,” writes Alex.

VCs and AI-powered investment toolsAre VCs looking for AI-powered tools to help them know where to put their money? Kyle Wiegers looks at the concept, and why not all VCs are on board with it.

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