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Living like us New data points about the financial health of unicorns in an IPO drought are scarce. Unicorns—private technology companies valued at $1 billion or more—have become their own asset class. Crunchbase counts 1,386 global unicorns, pegged at $4.8 trillion. CB Insights counts 1,180 worth $3.8 billion. Regardless of which number you think is more accurate, it’s clear that unissued unicorns represent one of the largest pools of paper wealth in the world.

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That said, there’s a good chance that part of that illiquid value won’t materialize, given that every unicorn has to raise capital. Today, a good number could not defend their recent personal evaluation. However, if we rank the unicorn team qualitatively, the best companies – often the most overpriced – are actually not as overpriced as you might think.

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