Practical tips for making a compelling travel video


If you are an avid traveler, you might want to keep the memories of your trip forever. Photos are great, but making a travel video to capture special moments is even better. But not all are professional with videos. You also can’t expect your travel partner or significant other to take the perfect videos for you.

However, you don’t want to compromise when posting your travel stories on social media. The good thing is, as long as you have a creative mind and the right skills and tools, creating great people is easier than you think. Let’s share some practical tips for making a compelling travel video‚Ķ

Practical tips for making a compelling travel video

Choose your locations

It is important to research your destination in advance because it will help you plan the trip. Besides letting you create an itinerary, it lets you choose locations for your travel videos.

For example, you can choose the most popular tourist spots or discover hidden gems in your destination. In addition to choosing locations, consider the timelines because you may want to shoot at times like sunrise or sunset or when the crowd isn’t around. A little planning is all it takes to set the stage for the most amazing videos.

Hold your device

Buying quality video equipment is a good idea for travelers. You can create a complete set with cameras, lenses, SD cards and microphones. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on best-in-class gear. You can manage with basic tools, or you can use your smartphone to take quality photos and videos. All you need is to know their features to get the most out of them. Likewise, creativity will come to your rescue when you can’t afford to stock up on expensive equipment.

Practical tips for making a compelling travel video

Shoot selectively

Experts recommend being selective when filming videos during your travels. Of course, you want to have everything on camera, but you end up with a lot of information. More is not always better because filtering and sorting can be a difficult challenge. A better approach is to check the sites and areas you want to cover. Also, skip recording unnecessary clips unless you stumble upon something that could add value to your memory.

Shoot different shots

While you have to be selective about the scenes you cover, be prepared to have a wide range of shots for the people you choose. Experiment with different angles to get the lighting just right or enhance the beauty of the background. You can try trending techniques like slow motion and time lapse to add interest to your image. Later you can choose the one you like the most. Even if you don’t gain anything from the practice, you can improve your skills and use them for better pictures on your next trip.

Practical tips for making a compelling travel video

Learn the art of video editing

Making great videos is only half the job because you need to finish them to make perfect stories. Mastering the art of editing is key to making the most of your footage and clips during your travels.

You can edit video with Movavi as it has incredible built-in features to turn raw footage into a full multimedia experience. Proper editing helps you build a narrative by cutting and editing in the right places. You can highlight the best and delete the rest with minimal work.

Build a story line

When it comes to creating a compelling travel video, nothing beats building a story line. Remember that people come across hundreds of travel shots online every day, so they have no reason to look at your post unless it has a story to follow. Remember when you shoot him in the first place. Alternatively, use an editing tool to rework and create an engaging narrative. A little creativity is enough to grab attention and get likes and comments from your audience.

Practical tips for making a compelling travel video

Improvise with music.

Another surefire tip to take your travel video to the next level is to enhance it with music. Fortunately, integrating music into videos is easier than you might think, and even beginners can do it. You can rely on a video editor to add music for a special touch to your content. Music sets the mood, so make sure it fits the narrative and evokes the audience’s emotions. Check the features of the editing tool and choose wisely from the beginning.

Make it fun

When creating travel videos, think beyond tools, techniques and creativity. Make sure you enjoy every moment to hit the best one. Positive thinking sets the stage for the best shots, so avoid overthinking and focus on enjoying the experience. The more effort you put into the shots, the better they come. Conversely, worrying about the areas, angles, and expressions complicates things.

Practical tips for making a compelling travel video

Prioritize consistency

Another tip you should follow to create compelling travel videos is to prioritize conversion. Set a theme for your stories and stick to them. You can also decide on things like tone, color palette, filters and music.

Of course, you can have different stories along the way, but be consistent for individual videos. Try to make a design before you start. You might even write a plan to keep the ideas in mind while you live.

In addition to following these tips, you can also find inspiration by watching your friends’ travel videos. Influential stories make for a great source of inspiration as they give you new ideas and shed light on new trends.

Above all, be open to failure and learn from your mistakes. Don’t expect every clip and shot to be perfect because no matter how talented you are and how hard you try, they will never be flawless. All you have to do is choose special moments and give it your all. As you learn the ropes, you can master the craft over time and create better and more engaging videos.

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