P33 and World Trade Chicago set up new jobs in Chicago to help out-of-work tech workers with H-1B visas.



Launches “Chicago H-1B Connect” coalition campaign and job board for international tech talent openings; More companies joining every day

Chicago, January 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — P33 And World Trade Chicago, today announced the formation of the Chicago H-1B Connection Coalition, a concerted effort to help H-1B visa holders affected by layoffs in the tech industry. Led by P33 and World Business Chicago, the coalition brought together the city’s leading civic organizations, including the Business Club. Chicago1871, Executives Club of Chicagoof Chicago Chamber of Commerce, Corporate Alliance Chicagoand MATTER, with Fortune 500 corporations and fast-growing, well-funded startups to support and retain highly skilled and valuable global talent.

World Business Chicago and P33 have jointly launched a job portal with more than 900 job openings from more than 35 Chicago-based employers already supporting H-1B visa holders. Job seekers can visit from today. gotechchicago.com/h1b And search for hundreds ChicagoCareer opportunities based on H-1B support companies such as Walgreens, Morningstar, Ulta Beauty, TransUnion, Fifth Third Bank, Boston Consulting Group, Northwestern Medicine, M1, Rheaply, Oak Street Health and more. More. More Chicago Companies are expected to join the campaign, and job listings will continue to be added daily.

In all STEM industries, especially technology, laid-off H-1B workers have 60 days to relocate and nominate a new employer willing to sponsor their visa. If they cannot find a new job, they must change their visa status or leave the U.S. Until now, H-1B visa holders have had an incredibly difficult time identifying job opportunities where employers can sponsor or transfer their visas. Chicago It is the first city to come together on this issue to support and attract H-1B workers. Technological innovation is a high strategic priority. Chicago companies, and the city’s demand for highly specialized tech talent continues to outstrip demand.

“Our message is that H-1B holders are always welcome The city of Chicago And our tech ecosystem is growing, encouraging diversity and inclusion,” he said. Brad Henderson“I’m proud of the way our city leaders have come together to make this collaborative effort a reality in such a short amount of time,” said P33 CEO. We expect it to scale quickly.

Despite cuts nationwide, companies are scrambling to fill critical technology roles. ChicagoThe biggest demand for software talent. By 2022, more than 164,000 tech job listings will be posted in Chicagoland.

Layoffs.fyi reports that more than 157,000 tech workers will lose their jobs by 2022, and the rate of tech attrition isn’t slowing down. More than 50,000 workers have been laid off by US tech companies this year. These are difficult and confusing times for anyone to lose a job, but it is especially challenging for foreign workers on H-1B status as it puts their immigration status and family status at risk.

“I’m really excited to start this campaign, which is coming together. of Chicago Business community to support H1-B visa holders affected by job losses in tech and adjacent industries Michael FassnachtCEO and President, World Trade Chicago, Chief Marketing Officer; The city of Chicago. “This initiative is an example of our city’s commitment to being a welcoming and inclusive destination for immigrants, one that celebrates and strengthens our community’s diversity and inclusion.” of Chicago Named as a major international trade hub.

As immigrants help drive the economy forward, they boost innovation and increase labor demand. 40% of software engineers in the US are foreign-born. in Chicago Only, 21 Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or children of immigrants, and 42 percent of startups are funded by universities. Illinois They are founded by at least one immigrant entrepreneur, according to the Illinois Science and Technology Alliance’s Illinois Innovation Index report.

About P33
P33 is a privately funded non-profit focused on driving inclusive technology and innovation leadership. Chicago. The organization’s mission is to help. Chicago A collaborative effort by hundreds of business leaders in the private and public sectors to become one of the most comprehensive technology hubs in the US, P33’s work is based on deep research and a passion to unlock the potential of solving the digital age. They face some very serious problems ChicagoGaps such as equitable access to digital skills, talent retention, deep science marketing and growth-stage startup ecosystems. In the year Launched in 2019, P33 is jointly run. Penny PritzkerFormer Secretary of Commerce and Founder and Chairman of PSP Partners; Chris GladwinCEO and Founder of Ocient and Cleversafe; And Kelly Wellsformer President of the Civic Committee of the Business Club Chicago. Learn more at p33chicago.com.

About World Trade Chicago
World Trade Chicago plays a critical role in driving inclusive and equitable recovery in the city’s 77 neighborhoods, focusing on high-growth sectors: transportation, distribution and logistics; produce Health and life sciences, and our local innovation, startup and venture ecosystem. as a The city of Chicago Economic Development Agency, World Trade Chicago leads corporate attraction and retention, human resources and talent, community impact and promotion. Chicago As a leading international city. Supported by a council of 300+ local leaders, World Trade Chicago’s portfolio of innovation and venture programs includes: the Chicago Venture Summit Series, Startup Chicago; ThinkChicagoand Venture Engine with the Illinois Science and Technology Consortium (ISTC). Follow World Trade Chicago on LinkedIn for daily news and announcements about the company’s relocation and expansion. Industrial and ecological development, US and global standards and more of Chicago Economic development.

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