Meet the beautiful review: Peacock’s time travel rom-com falls flat


Meet the beautiful He wants to be many things at once. The film, premiering exclusively at Peacock this week, is simultaneously a manic time-travel adventure, a playful romantic comedy, and a dead-serious commentary on the messiness of dating. If that sounds like a lot to jump through for a low-budget rom-com — and at 89 minutes, no less — that’s because it is. Thanks to the performance given by the game’s lead star, there are moments though. Meet the beautiful He almost dropped the unique tonal gambit.

Unfortunately, the film’s attempts to blend screwball comedy with open-hearted romanticism come across as hackneyed rather than inspired. He could not bring director Alex Lehman behind the camera Meet the beautifulWhile the various emotional and comedic elements come together, the film lacks the tonal control to finally discuss serious topics like depression in a series of slapstick costumes. The resulting film is unforgettably memorable and mildly frustrating.

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Meet the beautifulIt starts out so promisingly that it fails to add anything of real value to the romantic comedy genre. The movie is refreshing. Groundhog Day– another straight-up rom-com plot twist, and although it opens with an intentional bar relationship between the film’s two leads, Sheila (The flight attendant‘s Kaley Cuoco) and Gary (Pete Davidson, last seen in the thriller Gen Z). Bodies, bodies, bodies), Meet the beautiful Wisely doesn’t waste much time before throwing the necessary key into his own story.

In this case, the key is complicated Meet the beautifulSera is a tanning bed that allows the user to go anywhere for just 24 hours. The machine sits in the backyard of a nail salon owned by the no-nonsense June (Deborah S. Craig), who also happens to enter Cuoco Sheila’s orbit one fateful day. A brief flashback shows how June introduces Sheila to the time machine, and from that point on, the first day of its opening quickly becomes clear. Meet the beautiful It wasn’t exactly what it seemed. At least, not to Sheila, he quickly and cheerfully tells Gary earlier. Meet the beautiful As she begins using June’s time machine to relive their magical first date.

Her confession to Gary is one of many moments. Meet the beautiful She uses Sheila’s tendency to overshare and throw caution to the wind to speed up the important parts of the exposition, but Cuoco, to her credit, makes full use of her character’s high energy, chewing through every line she’s given. Indeed, while Sheila’s manic energy doesn’t take long to become grating, Cuoco’s Go-Broken performance slowly proves to be something to love. Meet the beautiful He is going for it.

Deborah S.  Craig and Kaley Cuoco look gorgeous in a tanning bed in Meet the Peacock.
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Opposite Cuoco, Davidson feels mischievous as Gary, the shy and brooding graphic designer who quickly finds himself enmeshed in Sheila’s romantic vortex. As the other half of the film’s central couple, Davidson manages to match Cuoco’s contagiously absurd energy at the moment. Meet the beautifulIt’s the more outwardly funny moments, but Gary’s handful of emotional angst is hard to sell. The film itself undercuts Gary’s biggest moments by casting a large shadow of Gary throughout the first act.

That’s a shame, as the scene in question had the potential to be one of the few genuine surprises in a film that takes a more predictable journey than the time travel premise would have you believe. Not long, for example, before Meet the beautiful Sheila forces Sheila to tell Gary how her own fear of disappointment has kept her from really exploring her relationship with him, and the arguments after the introduction feel stifledly rewritten.

The film’s breakneck pace prevents it from delving into Sheila’s backstory as much as it should, making many of the very real issues she struggles with feel like thinly veiled emotions rather than genuine emotional problems. The same can be said for many. Meet the beautifulIt frequently introduces many compelling ideas and genre inversions only to abandon them in order to tell a safer and more predictable story.

As the film progresses, the day in between changes. This means that the film, which starts off well enough, quickly becomes disappointingly repetitive and dull. It’s not even Cuoco’s charmingly fearless performance to add to the sense of collaboration as his weak lead is strong. Meet the beautifulMany half-hearted ways. The movie, in other words, one day you don’t have to worry about skipping.

Meet the beautiful Premieres Friday, September 23 only on Peacock.

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