How to create a secure folder on your phone


Other options are available on Android, but the best one depends on what you want to protect. If you want to lock sensitive photos and videos in Google Photos, for example, the feature is built into: Select from the app Library, Facilitiesand then get started root Locked folder. Follow the instructions, which include entering your screen lock code.

Images and videos in a locked folder won’t show up on searches or other screens, and aren’t saved to the cloud. You can send files there directly from the Google Camera app (Gallery icon at top right, then Locked folder) or from the photo gallery in Google Photos (select your items, tap Moreand then Move to a locked folder).

Google Photos comes with a locked folder feature.

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If none of these options cover your needs, there are as many third-party options as you’d expect. For example, OneDrive for Android has a Personal Vault space that requires an extra level of authentication to access, although if you want to store more than three files in it, you’ll need to pay Microsoft for some cloud storage space.

There’s also a free Norton App Locker that takes a slightly different approach. It allows you to lock all apps behind a passcode – not only do you protect your files from unwanted access, but you also lock all apps. If you regularly lend your phone to other people and want to control which parts of the device you have access to, it’s a useful app to have around.

If you are using an iPhone

The iPhone doesn’t have any secure folder functionality integrated into the iOS software, but there is a hidden folder in the Photos app where you can move personal photos and videos. Select any item from the Photos app galleries, tap . Share button (arrow pointing from the square) and select Hide To do this.

At the time of writing, this is not a very effective protection method, as anyone can just walk into it. Albums And It is hidden To see what he put there. However, when iOS 16 arrives (which we expect in September 2022 or later), this folder will need to be unlocked with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

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