Graphton Business Targeted by Scammers



GRAFTON – The New England Better Business Bureau (BBC) has warned members of the public about scams after a North Graphton biotechnology company was targeted by fraudsters.

According to a press release issued by the BBC on Monday, job seekers met a man pretending to be a representative of the database.

The company’s mission is to develop and produce affordable and user-friendly diagnostic tests, according to the website.

According to the BBB, a woman in her mid-20s wrote to the BBC that she had received a “scam from a human resource” that she wanted to be evaluated for employment.

The woman said the assessment “looks legitimate.” Then a few days later she received what looked like a gift letter, according to the BBB.

The woman wrote: “I doubt it here because the submission letter will send me a check to buy office supplies and they will not be able to pay for any reason nearby.” “And the work at first seemed too good to be true.”

BBB reports that she stopped cheating before she got too far.

The second woman told the BBC that the fake DetectoGen was about $ 27 an hour for remote work.

“I sent them my registry and I would take the assessment until I saw that their domain was created three days ago,” she said.

Detectogen director Dr Antonio Campus-Neto told the BBC: “The scam has become a daily occurrence.”

“This fraud has a negative impact on the business,” he told the BBC.

Campus: Neto spoke to one of the victims’ lawyer, who said he was reporting to the FBI. He reportedly contacted LinkedIn about the fake posting but did not respond.

The BBC on Monday offered a number of tips to help prevent fraud.

He advises job seekers to look for job opportunities. Applicants should look for the name of the company they are contacting and “fraud” on the Internet to see if there are any reports of fraud.

BBB also recommends that people verify their email address to see if the service provider is compliant with the company’s email protocols. Applicants must be active for Gmail Business email addresses.

The BBB urges people to be wary of paying for confidential consumer jobs, jobs that include receiving and transporting packages from homework assignments, vague job descriptions, and receiving and transferring money.

He urged people to be careful when posting personal information to unsuspecting employers and online applications. Applicants should not click on links in text from unknown numbers or respond to calls, texts or emails from unknown numbers or emails.

BBB is encouraging victims to show up at BBB. Or Trade Commission b Report Or call the 877-FTC-Help and Internet Crime Complaint Center at


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