Fashion Month Fall/Winter 2023 street style predictions, straight from industry insiders


You never know what you’ll see on the streets during fashion month. Some seasons, when you least expect it, the styling will revive a look that wasn’t in your mind — or in your closet. years (Think: tie-dye, Moon Boots, and the list goes on). On the other hand, you can always count on attendees to flaunt pieces from the designers’ latest collections (hello, itty bitty Miu Miu skirt). What is being stored at this time? There are bound to be some surprises. But according to industry insiders who shared their street style trend predictions for Fashion Month Fall/Winter 2023 with TZR, a few themes are all but certain to emerge.

First and foremost — while trends aren’t going anywhere, Jenny Walton, an influencer and illustrator, believes some are moving away from what’s popular. “I like to buck the ‘trends’ and see who can shine with their own personal style, which seems to be increasing with the internet,” she says. Plus, Tredysy’s senior style editor Michelle Lee thinks we’ll see a few influencers and celebrities wearing full designer looks. Instead, she says, they try to incorporate designer items from their own wardrobes. (So ​​you don’t need to spend a fortune to create the street style you love.)

Below, get the low-down on what the street style ensemble might wear to the shows next month. Then, start shopping these key styles now, so you’re ahead of everyone else.

Sexy share

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Lee predicts that visual styles will be popular this season. “It will be interesting to see how people warm up wearing fresh textures,” she told TZR. “It’s the biggest texture that comes out in the spring and summer, so everybody’s trying to get ahead of it now. I will pay attention to this in New York and Paris! “

New York-based influencer Coco Bassey agrees with Lee, citing the changing fashion body as our best accessory. “Sheer fabrics, unexpected cuts and fits, worn looks continue to be big,” she says. Best part? “I love that this trend is completely adaptable to everyone’s comfort level, so you can go all out and go braless like Rihanna or opt for a more fitted body. [silhouette] That will respect your image. “

Strange girl beauty

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If you’re on TikTok, you’ve definitely caught wind of the amazing girly beauty of Dopamine Dress Up. This season, he believes we’ll see showgoers watching the viral spectacle in New York and London this season. “[Look for] Lots of fun crafty looks with mixed and matched colors and prints,” explains the stylist and writer. “I know it was a big thing last year, but I think the market has finally gotten into the trend and is more ready to buy and easier to participate in.”

All things Y2K

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For better or worse, Ellie Delphine says Y2K fashion is here to stay. The influencer says: “One of the loudest items that was huge in the 00s and I think we’ll see a lot of it on street style, the hair hat à la Rihanna in bright neon colors.” “It keeps us warm and cools any clothes quickly.” She predicts this trend will dominate in Copenhagen. “I look forward to seeing him there because that’s where the cool kids are,” she explained. “And hey, wear colors like everyone else.”

Next-level independent

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According to Walton, against the whimsical aesthetic of the girl, the colors of the assembled background can fill the streets. “There were a lot of beautiful neutrals in Prada’s SS23 collection, and I love seeing that reflected on the streets,” said the New Yorker.

Sequins that stand out

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Influencer and writer Kimberly Drew feels flashbacks will dominate — especially if last season is any indication. “Looking at the last round of holiday pieces that came out, it is. [been] Genital Big” Day Disco, anyone?

So the 90s

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It’s not just the first decade that influences the street style collection. “I think ’90s fashion will continue to be seen on the runways and down the streets this season,” Bassey said. “We’ve seen a resurgence of the grunge aesthetic, complete with cargo pants, slip dresses and distressed dancewear.” The influencer says the look feels right in New York City, an iteration of the look that’s been making its way into everyday outfits for more than a decade.

Inspired by Saint Laurent

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Fashion editor Kerry Peary points to designer Anthony Vaccarello, who’s focused on spring’s slinky gowns and floor-length outerwear, as a big influence on how the industry dresses next month. “I think what he did recently was the runway. [collections for Saint Laurent] This season, street style will be heavily influenced by long, sleek tailored coats and monochrome looks, with cool touches like silver statement bracelets,” she says.

Choker Revival

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Chokers have been in and out of trend cycles for decades – so if you don’t currently own one, Delphine encourages you to get back into shape. “[It’s] Another Y2K survivor is easier to wear and ride than a mini skirt or low-rise jeans,” she explains. Not to mention, she’s seeing influencers like Matilda Djerf revamp the sequel. “I also saw Kendall Jenner in a more beautiful floral choker, the perfect red anthurium version, and I was instantly sold on that trend,” added Delphine. Is there a better city?”

Viva MAgent

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Aside from that, hot pink — Basse Viva Magenta, Pantone’s 2023 color of the year — is making some major appearances this fashion month. “I feel like this season, we’ll see more colors that complement the magenta, with the purple shade taking a bit of a back seat as a pop of color — like in lipstick or in a bag, as opposed to the head-to-toe hot pink look that ruled the runways and red carpets last year,” Bassey explains. Consider this an excuse to get a head start on your Valentine’s Day look.

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