Disney’s Dreamlight Valley Fast Track: How to Unlock


If players know how to fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley, they can move here and there in the village. Players can fast travel through the game through Wishing Wells. However, for it to unlock properly, players must complete the “Friendship is Everything” quest. Check out the Secret Cave puzzles in DC’s Dreamlight Valley.

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley is a game where you can experience the magical world. Play the game in life simulation mode. Additionally, players can perform various fun activities such as mining, cooking, and gardening. Check out our guide to the recipes in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, and while you’re at it, don’t miss our Ratatouille recipe guide in the game.

Befriend and interact with characters from your favorite Disney and Pixar movies and don’t ignore all the residents of Animal Crossing. Ever since Disney’s Dreamlight Valley launched on September 9, players have been hooked like nothing else.

Players will face many mysterious challenges, quests and a journey full of dreamy adventures. In addition, it does not seem easy for players to be able to move in the magical world. But, no worries. Our guide has covered all the important tricks you need to follow for a quick trip through Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

At the start of the game, players can travel to Wishing Wells using maps. After that, you can warp to the Realms using Dream Castle. Everything you need to know about opening and then using Fast Travel is covered in detail in our guide.

Use Wish Wells to travel faster

Travel quickly through Disney's Dreamlight Valley
Travel quickly.

Players need to make sure the Wish Well is working to speed travel through Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. Look for the purple symbol on the map to identify active wells.

The icon is pure and untouched by any dark magic and no wooden boards cover it. Moreover, if the players activate any well, they can quickly go to it by touching the icon associated with it on the map. Once players tap the icon, they will immediately go to the hole of their choice.

A quick trip to Disney's Dreamlight Valley
best wishes.

Except for traveling to active pits, there will be no obstacles in your way. Moving from one hole to another will be an easy task and can be done whenever you want. However, there are a few missions in the game that prevent fast travel.

Additionally, players will not gain full access to fast travel through the Wishing Wells until they complete Merlin’s “Friendship is everything” quest.

Completing the mission

In the game, you must do the following to complete the quest to gain access to the Wishing Wells for fast travel.

  1. Reach the fifth level of friendship with three villagers from Disney’s Dreamland Valley.
  2. Talk to Merlin.
  3. Collect the friendship orb on the thorn and place it in a pillar near you.
  4. Talk to Merlin again at the Wishing Well’s Peaceful Meadow.

Bad wish

When players place the friendship orb in the pillar, it clears the area occupied by any dark magic, making the hole a little safer. However, the well still hurts madly. Merlin also uses some magic to repair the hole. Therefore, it will allow you to get well-acclimated to a fast-paced trip through Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

A quick trip to Disney's Dreamlight Valley
A conversation with Merlin

Each of the eight areas in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley includes a well, which will make you repeat the entire process above. The procedure is to check the areas corresponding to the orb and insert it into the pole to clean the hole.

What’s more, you need to pay coins for the star of Scrooge McDuck in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. Use it to repair the hole and fast travel again. However, for now, players can use Merlin’s magic for the entire process.

Travel quickly through Disney's Dreamlight Valley
Repair the hole.

Use Dream Castle to travel faster

Using the Dream Castle is another way to travel faster through the game. Just like players did in Wish Wells, they can tap on the Dream Castle icon placed on the map. The Palace of Dreams is above the main square area. Moreover, players can decide on any place in the list.

All of the Disney territories that you repair can be used to have access to Wish Wells and Dream Castle. However, it is important to note that you cannot move from one state to another.

To travel there, players must use the Castle of Dreams to fast travel back to the main world of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. Moreover, players can find the Dream Castle at the beginning of the mission. Plus, you’ll get all the royal amenities of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. Do the following to find it

First you need to meet Merlin where the Dream Castle is located. Merlin asks you to collect Dreamlight, which is money you earn after completing quests and missions. The money will help you get rid of the night thorn in the castle.

Earn about two thousand Dreamlights and return to the castle. After that, you can use the currency to get rid of the Night of Thorns and unlock the interior of the palace.

Once you’re done, you can go back to the castle and choose the first kingdom. Once the castle is unlocked, players can use Wishes and Reels for fast travel.

You can move quickly through Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

While there is an option for fast travel in the game, there is still no option for fast running to increase your movement speed. However, players can temporarily use the Well Fed bonus, which makes them move fifteen percent faster. To activate the buff, players must overfill their Disney Dreamlight Valley Energy Bar by eating the appropriate food.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that players need to be able to travel quickly in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and get to the pits or the money that is being used. If you have both, travel can be fun and easy.

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