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Dementia treatment in Noida, Dr. Navdeep Kumar, Neurologist in Noida, talks about Tackling the Sleeplessness Issues

Recently we got a chance to talk with Dr. Navdeep Kumar, a Neurologist in Noida, who talks about Dementia treatment in Noida. Having a dementia patient in life at times can be a challenge. “Mood swings are common issues with a dementia patient, like restlessness, agitation, disorientation. And these troubling behavior in people with dementia often get worse at the end of the day and sometimes continue throughout the night” said Dr. Navdeep Kumar.  Experts believe this behavior, commonly called sundowning, is caused by a combination of factors, such as exhaustion from the day’s events and changes in the person’s biological clock that confuse day and night. He has been giving Dementia treatment in Noida in Indo Gulf Hospital for quite a long time.

As per Dr. Navdeep Kumar, Neurologist in Noida in Indo-Gulf Hospital, Tackling this sleeplessness issue in dementia patients can be daunting for the family and caretaker. In those time, the following tips can give you the added advantage

  • Diminish Confusion of Day and Night: Turn on lights well before sunset and closing the curtains at dusk will minimize shadows and may help diminish confusion. As per Dr. Navdeep Kumar, a Neurologist in Noida, at a minimum, one must keep a nightlight in the person’s room, hallway, and bathroom. Its important part in dementia treatment in noida
  • Increase activities in the daytime: Increase daytime activities, particularly physical exercise helps tire the body and plan for a good night’s sleep. Also, note that you must discourage inactivity and napping during the day.
  • Control the diet: Limit caffeine and junk food: Navdeep Kumar recommends watching out for dietary culprits, such as sugar, caffeine, and some types of junk food. Eliminate or restrict these types of foods and beverages too early in the day. Plan smaller meals throughout the day, including a light meal, such as half chapati, before bedtime.
  • Calm and Quite: Navdeep Kumar, recommend planning for the afternoon and evening hours to be quiet and calm; however, structured, quiet activity is important. Perhaps take a stroll outdoors, play a simple card game, or listen to soothing music together.
  • Medication as last resort: Consider talking to the doctor about medication to help the agitated person relax and sleep. As per Dr. Navdeep Kumar, a Neurologist in Noida, sleeping pills and tranquilizers may solve one problem and create another, such as sleeping at night but being more confused the next day.
  • Don’t forget yourself: It’s essential that you, the caregiver, get enough sleep. If your loved one’s nighttime activity keeps you awake, consider asking a friend or relative, or hiring someone, to take a turn so that you can get a good night’s sleep

Dr. Navdeep Kumar is a Neurologist in Noida. He did his MBBS and MD Medicine from LLRM Medical College, Meerut. He was awarded with the KL Chopra Gold Medal award in MD Medicine. He is available at Indo Gulf Hospital for consultations. Call 9999369797 for getting an appointment with Dr. Navdeep Kumar.

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