Crossing the Rio Grande into Mexico can be a very dangerous business.



Matamoros, a border town across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, was a grim reminder of the recent Mexican cartel killings of two American citizens and the kidnapping of two the other side“It’s a dangerous business.

In the year As someone who lived and worked in Brownsville in the 1970s and returns there frequently, I know very well that the border today is a very different world than it was then. That fact is something even I sometimes choose to forget.

For two decades, crossing the border was not safe for US citizens who were not Latino or could not speak Spanish. A long period of calm suddenly gives way to violence that can take the lives of those caught in the middle. Rival cartels fighting for turf have long since killed off the once thriving tourism industry along the border, although a trickle of Americans continues to cross for good, seeking more affordable pharmaceutical or medical care, or on road trips to interior destinations like San Miguel de Allende.


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