Cities hold elections and business meetings


All state cities held their elections and annual business meetings on Tuesday, March 14. In Pepstone County, the elections and meetings were held in town halls, community centers, a courthouse, a restaurant, a man’s house, a clerk’s office, an ambulance building and a fire hall.

Troy City Board Chairman Darrell “Pete” Sisema cast his vote Tuesday night at the city’s election at Troy City Hall. K Kufal

The 12 townships in Pepstone County hold annual meetings and 10 elections. Few if any residents except board members voted or attended meetings, which is typical of city government, he said.

“It’s too bad we can’t reach more people,” said Troy City Treasurer Nancy Hinricher.

In some cases, no candidate has filed to fill the vacant seats. Some city officials said they chose not to provide the application fee and paperwork, saying it was easier to let people know they were willing to serve and write. Even in the cases where someone did file, there were none, he said. Competition in any local cities.

Below is a list of people selected to serve in each city. Supervisors serve three-year terms and treasurers serve two-year terms.
• Athena Township: Gary Erickson was elected supervisor and Keith Welgren was elected treasurer.
• Town of Altoona: Charis Prunty was elected supervisor and Chelsea Hillard was elected treasurer.
• City of Bourkee: Duane Baker was elected superintendent and Sean Weinkauf was elected treasurer.
• Town of Eden: Brandon Berkenpass was elected supervisor and Linda Boersma was elected treasurer.
• Elmer City: Barry Rick was elected supervisor and Rosanne Vandenberg was elected treasurer.
• Fountain Prairie Township: Jeremy Smith was elected supervisor and Lyle Bloom was elected treasurer.
• Grange Township: Douglas Bonin was elected supervisor and Don Baker was elected treasurer.
• Rock Township: Richard Johnson as supervisor and Glenn VanBockle as treasurer.
• Sweet City: Randy Carlson was elected supervisor and Brad Tuinstra was elected treasurer.
• City of Troy: Sharon Peterson was elected supervisor and Nancy Hinricher was elected treasurer.

At their annual meetings, township boards discussed their 2024 tax levy and budget and heard concerns from residents. Some taxes have been increased, some have been reduced and others have not changed. They ranged from $5,000 in Aetna Township to $90,000 in Grange Township. Most city tax dollars are spent on roads.

One standout in terms of topics of discussion and attendance was the Grange Town Meeting and Election, held in the commissioners’ room at the Pipestone County Courthouse. 26 people voted for board members and 36 people voted to replace a leaking fire truck at the Holland Country Fire Association. Those who voted supported the purchase 31 to 5.

The truck will cost $273,052.50 and will be jointly purchased by the cities of Grange, Fountain Prairie, Rock and Etna. The Grange’s share was $92,133, according to Grange Town Clerk Miriam Johnson. The car is expected to arrive in April and will be stored at the Holland Fire Hall.

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