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Availability of Beds in Hospital in India, recovery rate of Covid patients

As per the recent news of Covid-19 Congress leader Shashi Thurur was tested Positive For CoronaVirus. Also he was attending some colleagues functions and party meetings and he was spreading their corona symptoms to others by doing these political rallies and other things. Throor Tweeted on Wednesday regarding their covid-19 Report and Positivity of Getting recovered shortly.

Also Adhir Chowdhry got Positive for corona so they tweeted that everyone who contacted them in person in the recent 7 days can follow the corona guidelines and make the RT-CPR Test as soon as possible.

As per the recent high-court statement to all states government regarding the current crisis of Covid-19 .and Facing the Shortage of COVID-19 beds and Oxygen systems in every hospital, right now the situation is even worse when you can’t get any vacant bed for an affected patient of Coronavirus. Because every medical facility and treatment center is already filled with lots of patients and the cases are at the pick. Daily we are getting an average of 2000 cases per city.

As the HC Says to every state’s government facilities to increase the bed amount in their various hospitals. And create a healthy environment surrounding them. And provide the proper treatment to every affected patient. As you can see, there are just 34% Vacant COVID-19 Beds available in Gujarat and 64% all over India.

Some various non-profit organizations and Temples are arranging the beds for corona-affected patients on their premises. It would help if you found the better covid-19 treatment center to get excellent medical care and provide safety to your family with Vaccination and Sanitization.

Many complaints have been filed against the various multi-specialty hospitals for not arranging the beds for corona-affected patients, and they are running their spaces to regular primary treatments. And some other hospitals take a high amount of charges for one day admitting a patient. So, middle-class families are not able to pay that kind of cost. So we are requesting and also Our Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi asks Nation’s  Government hospitals to create a bed and make them public with Minimal Rate of CoronaVirus Treatment on their premises.

Vaccination Campaigns are already running in the entire nation or World to make India or World corona-free as soon as possible. So our PM Advises every Person in the whole country to get vaccinated immediately, and Above 18 Years person should be able to take a vaccine from 1st May 2021. So get Vaccinated and make your life healthy and Stay Safe in your Home.

Also, HC Says that Why the Patients are showing up in their vehicle instead of Our 108 Ambulance service. Because using the Personal vehicle can spread the virus to others and please quarantine immediately at your Home for 14 days if you didn’t get any vacant bed in your nearby Hospitals. Our Primary Health Workers will help you diagnose the Virus with perfect Medical Care and Precautionary treatment with Cure.

After taking the RT-CPR test in the last 24 hours, many people are getting more positive Results, so Every Hospital is trying to occupy separate floors for Covid Treatment Beds. And make the surrounding atmosphere more healthy and Joyful to keep all patient’s minds happy and Recover them quickly within a short amount of time.

The recovery Rate of corona cases in India, we can say, is around 60-70% as per the real-time death ratio and recovered cases across the nation.

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