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By Maria Saporta

There is no denying that diversity exists in the technology industry, but in recent years technology companies have made efforts to increase diversity at all levels.

With the focus on Atlanta’s historic black colleges and universities (HBCUs), major technology companies have increased their investment in the Atlanta area.

Then there is CodeHouse, a non-profit organization founded by two Morehouse College alums – Ernest Homes, who serves as its president. And Tavis Thompson, vice president, and Jess Homes (Ernest’s sister), curriculum and instructional director at Spelman College.

CodeHouse co-founders Tavis Thompson, Ernest Holmes and Jaycee Holmes. (Photo by Maria Saporta)

CodeHouse was launched in 2021 to address the gap in diversity in the technology industry by focusing on five HBCs related to new college students. The CodeHouse Scholars Initiative offers up to $ 20,000 academic scholarships, career advancement, and one-on-one college courses for selected students in the program.

The program provides black, Latin and American students with opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through technical training, scholarships, and internships.

CodeHouse launches second year of STEM Scholarship and Consultation Program

The dinner was attended by 43 second-year HBCU students. Participating schools include Morhouse, Spellman, Clark Atlanta University – all in Atlanta – as well as Howard University, Washington, DC, and North Carolina State University of Agriculture and Technical University in Greenborough, NC. The first class was attended by 29 scholars. Dinner.

“We are proud of the steps we have taken in the founding of the CodeHouse Scholars Initiative,” said Ernest Homes, President of Codex House. It is another important step in our journey to improve representation in the tech industry today. As we welcome the next generation of leaders to CodeHouse Fold, we are confident that we will be able to nurture their talents with the support of our various initiatives and partners as we seek to make the world a better, more inclusive place. . ”

The dinner also honored technology companies that support codehouse vision. The first company was Papal in 2021.

Kim Jenkins, Head of Papal Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Property, spoke about meeting Ernest, Tavis and Jay. Taken aback by their well-thought-out plans, she told her superiors: “If we say we are, we should throw our money back.”

With $ 1.5 million in funding, the company launched the first scholarship. Then, in December, Google announced $ 1 million in support of CodeHouse, enabling it to expand its program. Other partner companies include Microsoft, LiveRamp, Twitter and UKG.

Reggie McNit, Google’s head of global social impact, said his co-worker, Nicole Brenner, first learned about CodeHouse and the importance of the partnership for the company.

“Google believes that CodeHouse Vision is working,” McKnight said at dinner. “That’s why we made $ 1 million for this organization. There will be unimaginable profits for that investment.

McKnight also told the students that they were in “this historic city of Atlanta,” the birthplace of the civil rights movement based on non-violent social protests.

“Today, many are seeking change through violence,” Mcnit said, adding that non-gun leaders are “leading by grace.”

McKnight then forwarded the message to CodeHouse Scholars.

“Code House Scholars, Now is Your Time,” McCain said. “When you get up, you can change the world. We have the energy, the strength and the creativity to make the world a better place.”

Google Partnership was established before CodeHouse was launched.

Ernest Holmes says he studied with Morere House and spent several summers with Google.

In addition to his work at the Code House, Holles, Google’s technical program manager, said: “I’m now in a team encouraging students to go to Google.”

After dinner, McKayt said it was encouraging to be in a class of professionals looking for a career in the tech industry. “It’s all part of Atlanta Road.”

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