Adriana Kostov, her modern fashion inspiration


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – 08-22-2022 (PR Broadcast™) –

Outside of her corporate career, Adriana Kostov has always had a passion for fashion.

“Fabric, color, accessories, beads – they can really make or break an outfit, and they can easily change your mood or mood,” says Adriana Kostov.

Covid-19 has brought the world to a stressful and unpredictable standstill, and with it has changed the fashion and “glam” landscape, explains Kostov.

“People in my generation, young women, have had a 2-year pandemic that the world simply didn’t expect or maybe wasn’t ready for,” said Adriana Kostov.

“Our health, staying in good shape, was understandably our top priority, and the shiny dresses and fashion pieces, simply stayed at the back of the closet,” says Kostov.

It has had a major impact on the world economy, and it doesn’t seem to be ending, with interest rates rising, and the cost of living, for many, rising.

“I think minimal glam chic is the new way of dressing for women in my demographic,” says Adriana Kostov.

“A simple, elegantly tailored coat, an elegant handbag, a beautiful intricate scarf, classic colored jewelry, simple statement pieces are perfect for the current economic climate,” explains Adriana Kostov.

And who are her contemporary celebrity fashion inspirations?

For day wear – “Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge is always right,” says Adriana Kostov. “Simple, elegant, classic colors and prints, intricately detailed jewelry, still a little bit sensual and playful,” she says.

Kostov notes, however “I still love the ‘rock chic’ look,” says Kostov, “and Kate Moss, I simply can’t do wrong, and Vogue Australia fashion director Christine Centenera always looks sensational.”

And for the red carpet?

“Anne Hathaway has great looks and great style,” says Adriana Kostov – “she has that effortless Hollywood school of beauty with a modern twist, and she can rock red lipstick like nobody’s business.”

Kostov also explained. Kate Bosworth is a red carpet style favorite – “Kate Bosworth is a modern bombshell, with an icy, minimalist style that never goes out of style,” says Kostov.

According to Adriana Kostov, modern, yet edgy and funky, is the fashion trend of the modern woman in today’s economic climate.

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