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A Central Texas teenager’s love of baking turns into a thriving business


Lorena, TexasKWTX) – A local teenager has turned her passion for baking into a big business.

Lorena Riley Walker, 15, is the owner of Riley’s Cookie Company, a line of decorated sugar cookies that she started when the Covid-19 pandemic forced it to close in 2020.

Riley now sells five to ten dozen cookies a week out of her home.

“I’ve always wanted to learn how to make decorated sugar cookies,” Riley said.

“During the shelter in place, I decided to teach myself how to make them.”

Riley Walker
Riley Walker(Courtesy photos)

Riley has always been gifted with beautiful handwriting and the ability to draw and bake, a love she received from her mother and grandmother.

With the help of a small projector, she decorates each cookie by hand, and the results make her customers scream for more.

Lorena resident Cory Pitts was pleased with some of Riley’s creations for the Lorena state championship football team last year. He said they are really great.

Riley with her mother Maureen
Riley with her mother Maureen(Courtesy photos)

“They’re so good and they have no idea how to make them look good,” Pitts said.

“I use my God-given talents to bless other people,” Riley said. “I think one of the reasons I’ve been so successful is because I have such a great family, group of friends and such an amazing community.”

Riley’s inventions are endless. She invited everything from personalized baseballs and footballs to baby shower rattles and bows, Easter crosses, all kinds of birthday-themed cookies and rainbows.

Riley Walker
Riley Walker(Courtesy photo)

If you have an idea, Riley can make it.

“I love making these cookies because I get to be a part of someone’s special day and event,” she says.

Riley makes cookies at home and offers takeout only. She hopes to own a storefront one day. The cookies are $48 per dozen.

You can order cookies by finding Riley on Facebook Instagram at Riley’s Cookie Co.

Riley with her family including her mother Maureen and father Greg.
Riley with her family including her mother Maureen and father Greg.(Courtesy photos)

In addition to baking, Riley will be busy working at Lorena Hayes this coming school year

School as a football coach and theater stage manager.

She always hopes to use her love of baking for some kind of career in the future.

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