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Anime waifus are fan favorites with some of the best traits that anime characters can have. Fan favorites have different personalities: some are kind and selfish, and others can be cunning and cruel. Either way, they are almost always smart and talented.

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Anime waifus are known for their beauty, but their looks range from classic cute to punk and couture styles. Their choice of clothing and personal style adds to their mystery. Some female characters stick to a certain hairstyle and outfit, while others have a wide selection of styles that they like to wear. Both types of waifu are as popular as they are fashionable.

10 Nico Robin made a great cowgirl

one piece

Nico Robin during the One Piece Alabasta arc

Nico Robin is one of the most intelligent characters in one piece, with different clothes. She always wears her dark hair in the same long cut blunt bangs and tucks into a peach sarong dress with a cut-out blue top, but she also wears beautifully tailored mini skirts and a variety of coats, mixing long lines with short ones.

Nico’s purple cowgirl getup is probably her best look. She wears a bustier top and turban mini skirt for a base and completes her look with a camp, long white coat and a white cowgirl hat.

9 Rin Tohsaka knows her color palette


Rin Tohsaka Fate/Night Stay: Unlimited Blade Works

Rin Tohsaka’s wardrobe by Fate/night The series is designed with a red, white, black and brown theme. Even her bathing suit is red, which makes sense, because a warm red goes well with her dark hair and hazel eyes.

Rin may be tomboyish in personality, but of course in her clothes. For daily wear, she chooses long-sleeved red dress, black dress and black tights. Her best statement is a red trench coat that she pairs with gloves, a white turtleneck, black leggings and knee-high boots.

8 Fubuki takes great care in developing her personal style.

One-punch man

Fubuki sat down on the couch in one Punch Man

Fubuki of One-punch man She was dressed in a mix of dark green, from her deep emerald hair to her emerald colored eyes to her forest green, long sleeved dress. Although it is simple, her dress has amazing movement. It hugs her upper body and waist, giving her a balletic grace, and wraps her into a rounded shape with a skirt.

Little white accents complete her killer ensemble, she opts to wear a double-strand pearl and a white fur coat draped over her shoulders. She wears monochromatic green like her sister Tatsumaki, but has subtle stylistic differences in hair and accessories to have her own voice.

7 Zero Two has excellent hair and eyes with a matching suit

Darling in France

Zero two pilot

Generally speaking, pastel pink and bright red should clash with each other and be scary together. For zero two inches Darling in FranceHowever, her rosy pink hair, red horns, and red hazel eyes (which at a glance look like red shadow eyes) work beautifully together.

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Because her hair and eyes are so monochromatic, the rest of her outfit has a somewhat neutral color palette, but it’s well structured, rather than flowing or yellow. Her usual attire is a white military coat and boots, black leggings, and sometimes a red bodysuit or red military uniform.

6 Olivier Mira Armstrong has a commanding presence.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Olivier Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist

Sometimes fashion and self-expression is not only a choice in articles of clothing, but also about the presence one wears and brings to the room, as Olivier Armstrong shows. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Olivier has a naturally commanding presence and can stand out and dominate in her military uniform.

It’s not easy to look special in uniform, but Olivier does it the way she carries herself. Armstrong’s muscular build complements the uniform well, accentuating the length of her strong legs, even when she’s leaning on a chair or thumbing her nose at someone. Her waist-length blonde hair matched the navy blue of her coat.

5 Nana Osaki is the queen of punk


Nana Osaki from Nana

Nana Osaki of Nana Drawing inspiration from the 80s and 90s, he dresses in authentic punk clothing. The streetwalkers of that time wore denim, leather, chain, distressed shirts and fez, metal dolls, and steel toed worker boots. Those items were popular because they were easily available and affordable and could be worn by regular work wearers.

Punks add more personality to clothing by stressing it out, sewing cutouts, and adding layers. From her plaid skirt and ripped fishnets to her trusty leather jacket, Nana’s incredible wardrobe is a love letter to punk. She also mixes textures well, pairing lace camisoles with velvet blouses and adding leather highlights.

4 Tatsumaki is wearing a wonderful dress

One-punch man

Tatsumaki from One-Punch Man.

Tatsumaki, one of the psychic sisters One-punch man She has a figure, but she only needs one because pure perfection. Her ivy-green hair matches her bright eyes, and she wears a long black dress with a high collar and long sleeves that fit her shape and flared into a long piece of fabric that reached her hips.

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Her overall style gives her the appearance of something between a professor at a magic school. The Addams Family Member. Although she can be arrogant and stubborn, perhaps not what one would think of as a stereotypical waifu personality, she has a soft side for those who meet her.

3 Bulma is a 90s icon.

Dragon ball

Bulma short in Dragon Ball

No one embodies ’80s and ’90s fashion like Bulma. Dragon ball. No one else could pull off pastel teal hair, an orchid-purple collar, and a pink t-shirt with her name on it, but Bulma managed it easily.

Another Bulma goddess-level ensemble is a cherry red sweetheart neck mini dress paired with a yellow scarf. Bulma dresses super feminine when she’s in the mood, and more neutral and more edgy when the occasion calls for it. Her more outdoorsy, khaki-based outfits still have fitted lines and interesting pant-leg choices.

2 Jolyne Cujoh makes neon green hair look amazing

JoJo’s Strange Adventure

Jolyne Cujoh in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Jolyne Cujoh comes from a long line of style icons. JoJo’s Strange Adventure, but she wears the weight of her heritage well, bright yellow-green hair and all. Her best outfit so far is her green tweed pants in the same color and pattern with a butterfly pattern to match the top. Heeled boots hug her ankles and thick buckles wrap around her calves to reach her knees.

Jolene’s neon green hair shade is echoed by her lip color, pulling the entire outfit together. Sometimes she throws a tea shirt on the butterfly, which makes her a single green dream.

1 Faye Valentine’s set of operas is outstanding.

Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine's opera costumes from Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine of Cowboy Bebop She is best known for her golden short sweaters, yellow blazer crop top with pop collar, red blouse, stockings and heeled boots. This mystery get-up is far from her best look.

In episode #5, “Ballad of Fallen Angels”, Faye shows how formal dress suits her when she wears an opera. Her coat is olive green in the form of a long trench coat with broad black feathers and an orange chiffon wrap around her shoulders. The main part of her collection is a long blood-red cocktail dress.

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